▲ Micro Piezo Epson nozzle, each nozzle 6 * 180 holes

▲ lack of ink alarm: effectively prevent due to lack of ink to bring incomplete picture

▲ lack of paper alarm: to effectively prevent the paper car has been working at the end of the car, so ink spray on the platform of the hidden dangers

▲ LCD control panel: easy to operate and convenient

▲ collision structure: to prevent the car during exercise is damaged, play a role in protecting the nozzle

▲ Servo control system: paper feeding accurate noise-free

model Cosmic wind X1602S
Nozzle Micro Piezo Epson nozzle
Speed Production 1   36㎡/h      Production 2    29㎡/h
High precision     19㎡/h      photo      14㎡/h
Media size Maximum 1600mm
Configuration Automatic feeding, automatic ink absorption, automatic ink scraping device
Feeding system Tilt is the feed method
Drying method Optional intelligent drying fan and cooling fan
Equipment size L * W * H 2740mmx850mmx1480mm
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