model Cosmic wind AD1602T / 1802T / 2602T / 3202T
Group with the way Integrated chromogenic machine (1.9m / 3.2m)
Applicable models For digital direct printing printers
Suitable material Direct spray cloth chemical fiber fabrics and other fabrics
Coloring methods Media sealed color temperature by sealing the color temperature inside the warehouse
For wide 1.6m 1.8m 1.9m 3.2m (can be customized)
Hair color temperature 160℃~260℃
Heating control Digital temperature control, temperature input settings, automatic temperature
Cutter control Adjustable cutter temperature
Smoke control Embedded high-power exhaust system
Heating pipe Infrared upgrade quartz tube (energy efficient)
Voltage Rated voltage 220V
Power Rated 3000W energy consumption 2000W
Equipment size 3170mmx883mmx1047mm
Weight 380kg

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